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Huey was found on December 25, 2014 in the rural, rolling foothills of Moreno Valley (north side of 60 freeway) in Riverside County, CA. He was noticed by a Good Samaritan, named Dianne, who gave him shelter and food for the night. I truly believe that had Dianne not taken Huey in that night, he would have passed away. It was raining and very cold, conditions not suitable for any dog, let alone a starving, abused dog. On December 26, 2014, my family transported Huey from Moreno Valley to a vet in Corona, CA. Huey’s medical prognosis was grim as he had extensive injuries to his face, as well as internal injuries. It appeared as if Huey had been used as bait dog.

Huey weighed only 33 pounds. He was extremely malnourished and weak. His ears were infected, he tested positive for parasites, and his liver was damaged from lack of nutrition. His muzzle area was covered in scabs as well as fresh wounds; one of which was so deep it had pierced his nasal cavity. His bottom jaw had been mangled beyond repair, with pieces of his bottom lip missing. The vet suspected multiple past breaks to his jaw and advised the probability of future reconstructive surgery. Huey had raw spots on his rear from having sat in a cage for the majority of his life and his front legs are permanently bowed due to lack of exercise and moving space. It appears as if Huey’s sole purpose in life was for nothing more than to entice other dogs to fight. 

In the process of transporting Huey from Moreno Valley to Corona, I fell in love with him. I could see the sadness in his deep dark eyes as he hung his head, feeling unworthy to look me in the eye.

For the first 12 hours I had Huey, he vomited so much and experienced such diarrhea that I thought he would pass away during the night. I slept beside him and encouraged him to keep fighting. The next 48 hours were touch and go, but Huey had a will to live.

Fast forward to the present. Huey is an absolutely amazing dog with a resilience that no human could ever match. He has gained weight (currently up to 65 pounds). His infections are better, but still a reoccurring problem, especially in his ears. Huey does not like having his ears touched and this presents a problem when those nasty infections resurface. Huey has a round, soft spot on the top of his head, that he also does not like to have touched. The vet suspects that Huey had been shot.

Huey still suffers from separation anxiety and nightmares. During his nightmares, it is absolutely heart wrenching to hear his cries, and watch him shake. I cannot, nor do I want to imagine what he is having to relive. Over the course of the past year, Huey’s nightmares have lessened in their severity and I pray that eventually, they will be a thing of the past. 

Huey, although taken into our home as a foster, never left. I love him as one of my children and pray that he has many years left in him.

*Huey unexpectedly passed away of acute liver failure on May 31, 2017.  Our hearts are broken and life will never be the same.



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