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Grace and Tucker

I was notified about “Grace” and her broken jaw and was sent the first picture and told that she had been in that condition for numerous days. I knew she (and her two week old baby) needed help right away. 

Another Foundation offered to handle her Tijuana bills, with the money they would raise for her online, and I would take over her medical when she was stable enough to be moved. 

After a couple of weeks, I was told that Grace had seen an orthopedic surgeon and he had concluded that Grace would not need surgery on her jaw. Instead, Grace had a tape muzzle placed around her mouth and head in an effort to keep her mouth from moving. I was concerned with how Grace would eat, but was told that she was able to eat soft food at a mush consistency (of course the muzzle would be taken off). 

Grace and “Tucker”, her pup, along with an additional new case, made their way and it was immediately clear that Grace was sick. The poor girl could hardly breathe and she had green mucus hanging from her nose. Unfortunately, Grace was put in a carrier with her 3 week old baby. At the time, Tucker as well as the other pup that was transported were not showing signs of illness. 

We took Grace right to the vet where she was given antibiotics and had xrays done of her chest. She was treated for pneumonia, which meant she was once again without her baby.  She was quarantined in my son’s room as she was just so sweet, we didn’t want her to be alone.  Due to her jaw injury, Grace hadn’t been with Tuck the majority of his life. 

Grace’s jaw gave her little to no problems. She ate very well, and we fattened her little 4 pound body up! 

We were finally able to reunite momma Grace and baby Tucker.  But the time spent together was heartbreakingly short as the deadly disease Distemper had made its way to the Ranch with the transport of Grace, Tucker and Maizie weeks earlier.  As hard as he fought, tiny Tucker did not win the battle.  He and Maizie passed from Distemper.  We will never forget you – your life mattered and you were loved.



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