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Queenie needed our help!  

Queenie was found walking on the streets of Mexicali. This poor dog has the WORST case of  Canine Papillomas Virus that I have ever seen. We immediately had her picked up and taken to a vet in Mexicali. I wanted to try to get her stabilized before making any decisions on which vet should care for her and when it will be safe to transport her.

I honestly don’t know how Queenie survived in that condition. I can’t image the pain that this poor pup must have been in. Can you imagine how the poor thing ate?

We were given two different options by two different vets- chemo or surgery.  We were not sold on the chemo idea as frankly, Queenie was in bad shape due to her lack of ability to eat.  So time was not on our side and a quick decision had to be made  

Our plan was in place and determined that Queenie would be treated in Sonora, Mexico with the same surgeon that treated Brave Heart! He evaluated our girl and made the appropriate decision for her.  Although chemo would have killed the virus, her throat was full of warts just like her face and she would be threatened with choking on the dying and decaying warts.  I trusted Dr. Briseno wholeheartedly to make the correct decision for Queenie. Dr. Briseno and I have worked on numerous cases together.

Queenie made the long trip from Mexicali to Sonora right away.  She had many surgical procedures to remove the papillomas, first on the outside of her mouth and then onto the inside.  She was fed intravenously while this went on as she was just skin and bones.  

Queenie is now free from all of the Papillomas that had overtaken her mouth. She is doing very well post surgical procedures. She is of course still on heavy antibiotics and pain killers.

I can’t wait for the Queenie to come to the Ranch so that I can fatten her up! 



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