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I have seen some awful stuff in rescue, but this guy absolutely stopped me in my tracks. When I looked at him, I could actually feel his pain. His emaciated body was ravaged with mange, and his eyes were so infected that upon first glance, I didn’t think he had any.

Not only was Achilles’ in a horrific state, his story, provided by the neighbor of the monster who “owned” him, is even more horrific. Here’s the information provided by the neighbor (“who occasionally fed him after his momma gave birth outside of their home years ago”) provided in his request for rescue help:

“They had tried to cure his mange with burnt oil. He was poisoned twice. He has been hit by a car. He was given meat to eat with glass in it.”

Achilles is now out of his nightmare and after being tended to by a veterinarian in Mexico, he came to us at Huey’s Second Chance Ranch.   

What can I say about Achilles so that you may understand his personality? Achilles is incredibly gentle. He is an old boy, whose life hasn’t been easy, and his body shows it. He does have some hair growing back, but I do not think that given his age, it will all grow back. He calmly and slowly walks around the Ranch, and enjoys sharing his hound howl. He’s missing many teeth so he’s a slow eater, but he does his best. In the afternoon Achilles loves to lay in the shade of our front porch, and while watching him, I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking. His head constantly bobs due to him being a distemper survivor, and in my strange head I like to pretend that he’s agreeing with the things I talk to him about.

Achilles gets on well with Thor and Phoenix, however the smaller and louder pups intimidate him. Getting Achilles into the house is a chore as clearly this guy has spent his life on the streets. Once we carry him in, he can always be found next to my husband. While my husband works outside, Achilles stays quite close to him as well. He’s definitely a Daddy’s boy, just like the other bigger dogs.

It’s clear that Achilles has arthritis in his joints, and the difficult life that he’s lived can be seen in the way he moves around. I have no idea how long Achilles has left in this world, but I know every remaining day will be filled with love.


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