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“Alastor” looks 10 times worse than the picture that was sent to us, but that makes it all the more important that he receive the help he needs. Alastor is being assessed by the vet right now, as I nervously sit here. This is the part of rescue where I hold my breath and wait to see if we got to Alastor in time. This is also the part of rescue where I’m given the list of issues that need addressing and the costs that accompany them. Regardless, Alastor deserves every chance possible, and we will make sure he gets it.

We do know that Alastor has an injury to his back leg. We will have X-rays done to see what exactly is going on. We also know that Alastor is missing his right eye. Instead of an eyeball, he has a nasty, green infection, which he rubbed all over my hand on the drive here. We also know that this little guy is dealing with a nasty case of mange. Given my itchiness, I’m guessing he has Sarcoptic mange and has shared it with me. We will have a skin scrape done so that we know for sure what typeof mite we are dealing with.

I will post an update as well as estimate as soon as I get one.


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