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Alastor looked 10 times worse than the picture that was sent to us, but that made it all the more important for him to receive the help he needed.  As Alastor was being assessed by the vet, I sat nervously waiting.  This is the part of rescue where I hold my breath and wait to see if we had gotten to Alastor in time.

Alastor was estimated to be between 2-3 years old.  He had a displaced rear leg that we thought would need to be amputated, scabies, a stomach full of parasites and an infection where his eye literally had deteriorated.  

He endured 2 surgeries, which saved his leg and his right eye nub was removed.

Alastor is the coolest dog ever! He got along with everyone and just wanted to play and be loved.  He is considered a special needs case as he only had one eye, but he never let that stop him!

Alastor made a full recovery and found his forever home!




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