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Living on the street and slowly starving to death because she didn’t have the energy to fight for her food.

With the help of Huey’s Army, “Amethyst’s” life changed forever. She was picked up and taken to the vet where she was tested for distemper and tick disease.

*Note her back turned to the camera in the picture. Amethyst’s soul was broken. She had no reason to trust humans after they had failed her so miserably.

When Amethyst arrived at the Ranch several days later she was terrified of me at first, but loved my husband. We spent some time together and I think it helped grow our friendship.

Amethyst was quite emaciated, but the vet in Mexico did a good job getting some weight on her. She had very cloudy eyes and this worried me as she is only estimated to be around a year old. She also had severe redness in the Sclera of each eye.

Poor Amethyst was also dealing with Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, mange and Giardia. She was on numerous meds as well as eye drops. She did not appear painful, which was a relief.

It didn’t take long and gone were the days of her not being able to look us in the eye. Amethyst loves attention and is quite comical. She can’t get close enough or get enough attention. She spends her days playing with Phoenix and Tucker!

Amethyst is putting on weight well and all of her scabs and crustiness are gone. She has little white fuzzies growing all over her.

I’ve done my very best to turn this little lady’s life around, and now to find her a loving family.


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