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Meet Ariel (named by his finder). Ariel was found on the streets of Mexicali in this condition. The majority of the skin on his back was missing, as if it had been eaten away. My first thought was that a chemical or scalding water has been poured on him.  Thank you to my deal friend Marina for making sure Ariel got everything he needed.  

Ariel was hospitalized as his wound needed to be debrided and kept extremely clean. He needed to have his bandages changed daily and was monitored for signs of infection. He was on antibiotics as well as pain medication.

The vets did a wonderful job cleaning up Ariel’s wounds!  They confirmed that his injuries were consistent with a chemical burn.  The maggots that were feasting on Ariel’s back may have actually saved his life.  

Ariel did very well with his bandage changes. He became very tolerant and seemed to understand that the vets are there to help him. In spite of everything he’s been through, pain and all, he still wags his tail.   

Ariel continues to heal quickly. He is in good spirits and is getting along well with his foster family. He gets a bit jealous I am told, however this is not at all unusual behavior for an animal that has never known love. 

We’re calling him a healing machine and are so proud of the progress he has made.  He will soon be neutered and then will be looking for his forever family or a rescue in the States!



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