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Warning: The attached story contains details of sexual abuse.

We were alerted to this poor puppy wandering the streets with what we believed to be a prolapsed anus. We of course had the pup picked up and taken to our vet. Upon examination, our vet determined that “Artemis” had been raped.

I hear all kinds of stories about what some of these animals have allegedly gone through (many times stories are made up in an effort to collect money) and have grown skeptical of some claims. We asked the vet how he was sure Artemis had been raped and had not just suffered a prolapse. The vet explained that not only had the anus prolapsed, it was also heavily damaged. It appears as if an “object” of some sort had been inserted into Artemis.

Our vet pushed the prolapse back in (more times than not, this works), however due to the damage, it came right back out. Artemis needed surgery.

A few days later I was contacted and told that Artemis was having very bad diarrhea and bleeding. The vet feared that the damage to Artemis’ internal organs may have been too much. He feared that Artemis would not be able to properly digest and eliminate. He had a blood transfusion and we hoped for him to stabilize so he could travel here to our specialists to see if there was anything that could be done.

But It was with an angry and sad heart that I had to share the news that Artemis is now an angel.

I have so many emotions running through me right now, but anger is the dominant one. Why? Why? and Why? Artemis was just 5 months old. I feel like Artemis’ life was stolen and that is unforgiveable.


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