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I was told that Autumn had owners and that she was actually removed for their home. These people saw nothing wrong with not only poisoning Autumn, but also nearly starving her to death. I am told that Autumn was crying out in pain and was inconsolable.  I cannot be absolutely sure, but it looked as though motor oil was poured over her.  Many people are still under the impression that burnt motor oil will cure mange.  This is an absolute falsehood, not to mention a ridiculous theory.  Not only does it NOT cure mange, it is full of toxins that have the ability to kill the animal.

If you view the area that’s circled in one of the pictures, it is easy to see that there was a slight fold in the middle of Autumn’s face. As the vet examined Autumn, the fold opened revealing the horror that the skin flaps were trying to hide. 

I am speechless. We now know why Autumn was in so much pain. Not only did her face literally have a hole in it, it was incredibly infected. 

It just took a month at the Ranch for Autumn to make outstanding progress both physically and mentally. She’s no longer the little girl that hid in her transport kennel for two days and tried to bite me every time I attempted to touch her. Now, she’s “in your face” Autumn, who jumps around and plays with toys, without a care in the world. 

Since having a bout with a fever a few weeks ago, this girl has been smooth sailing on her road to recovery. She still has some rough spots around her face and ears that need healing, but other than that, this girl is just another step closer to putting her past behind her. 

Autumn’s miracle comes from the likes of generous people like you, who care enough to help me get these babies the best medical possible. I tell every case how special they are and how there’s an Army protecting them now. Thank you all for your trust and for believing in me. 



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