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It’s so hard to convey to them that you are doing everything possible to help them. I can only imagine their confusion.

Balboa was estimated to be between 5-8 years old. His teeth were in horrible shape, as was his skin. More than likely, Balboa had never had a home and had only known mange, hunger and discomfort for the majority of his life.  He was rescued off the streets of Tijuana and taken immediately to the specialist, where he was admitted and received IV fluids, numerous antibiotics and Bravecto treatments.

He was named “Balboa” as he was found very close to where another alumni, Rocky had been found.  He came to me in some of the worst conditions that I have seen.  

Like Rocky, Balboa fought for the chance at a better life.  Balboa blossomed into a handsome, well manned young boy.

Balboa found a new life with his new family. We wish them a very happily ever after!



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