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Meet Balder…

Balder was hit with a machete. His crime…trying to find food. As you can see, Balder’s leg was nearly severed.  In fact, after arriving at the vet, the bottom part literally fell off.  

We decided immediately that he would receive all care needed and would never again have to worry about living on the streets of Mexico. 

His amputation surgery went well and he came out of it like a champ!

But his fight wasn’t over yet.  Our poor Balder couldn’t catch a break. First he had his front leg chopped off with a machete, then once we thought we had him all better, he was diagnosed with TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumors), a form of cancer. Balder went back to the vet for chemo treatments.

 Balder is out and about enjoying his best life!

This guys is so amazing. He is sweet and gentle and surprisingly doesn’t mind humans (even though one chopped his leg off). 

Balder is ready for his new home. If you are interested in offering this lovely guy a home, please contact in San Diego.  



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