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Welcome to the Ranch Ben!

As you can see from his pictures, Ben has had a rough life. The shelter put Ben’s age around 14 years old, and my vet said he could be closer to 18. Ben was found in Los Angeles County, and had been at the shelter for several weeks. He was found in horrifically matted condition, with an eye so infected that it had to be removed. Ben has few teeth left and the ones he has are rotted (I am hopeful that they will fall out on their own as he is too old to be put under anesthesia). Ben also has a level 3/6 heart murmur.

When I picked Ben up I knew he was sicker than I expected. I took him right to the vet and had blood work done. Ben’s white blood count was at a shocking 83%, which told us that Ben was fighting multiple infections. On top of everything else, Ben had kennel cough.

He was given a strong antibiotic and he perked up, moving around and wagging his tail.  

Ben’s an old boy, deaf and blind, but he has a heart of gold. Every day that we share together is a gift.


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