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This sweet boy came to the Ranch, along with Harry and Brigid. You would think after being tied to a board and strangled, he would hate people, but he doesn’t. He welcomes my touch, although eye contact is hard for him.  Berenger has lived a life of abuse and has seen the worst of mankind. We have no idea why he was strangled. I mean what could possess someone to do such a horrific thing? Truly, monsters walk amongst us.
I am so thankful for the heroic efforts of the people who happened to be walking by and saw what was happening. They began filming it and then upon seeing what was happening to Berenger, rushed to his side, attempting to restart his heart.
Berenger’s eyes look right into my soul.  He will only know love and peace at the Ranch.  I tell him daily that he is loved, safe and that no one wll ever hurt him again.
This boy is absolutely amazing. He minds his own business, never barks and is very obedient. All he wants is love and head rubs.
Berenger will be looking for his forever family very soon!
Update – Berenger has found his forever home!


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