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Binx, a victim of the fires in Rosarito, arrived at Huey’s Second Chance Ranch with all four of his paws burned raw and bloody. His pain was so bad that he was shaky violently. We rushed him to our vet and he received a pain injection. Obviously infection is a huge issue with burns and he was put on an antibiotics for preventative measures.

Binx required twice daily bandage changes. I used Manuka honey on his raw pads, as it has never disappointed me. This little guy  took up a lot of time, but his precious soul is worth it. He was estimated to be only 5 months old, and I sensed a gentle heart under all that pain.

Binx was such a good boy when we changed his bandages. It’s obvious that his back left paw was the most painful as he would cry while I was working on it. He gave lots of kisses while we changed the other bandages and he got used to us working on him.  He was still on pain medication as well as antibiotics.

Binx  would spend his days cuddling with Teddy (a senior with numerous tumors and in heart failure). The two of them seemed to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

But his recovery was amazing and within about 6 weeks Binx wwas ready…and found his forever, loving home!


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