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The face of a fighter….

At 9 months old, she spent her life tied up with a rope. Blossom had obviously grown and as a result the rope had embedded itself into her neck. While tied up Blossom was impregnated. She had ticks to keep her company and the occasional meal that came from a nearby neighbor.

While more and more of these cases leave me speechless, Blossom’s case really affected me. Maybe it’s just my stage in life, or maybe it’s the inspiration that this girl provided by being a survivor, regardless of what it is, I am so incredibly proud of her.

When Blossom came to us, she refused to look at us, and cowered in the corner if we tried to touch her. She would push herself so far up against the wall in an attempt to make herself unnoticeable. She wouldn’t eat or drink, and I worried I might lose her.

A week after Blossom came to us, she began to lose her babies. As if this poor girl hadn’t been through enough, now she was having to lose her babies. We kept her clean, comfortable, and continued to work on building trust.

Blossom’s neck eventually healed and she was able to be spayed.  She continued to not only come out of her shell, but accepted and embraced her new life!  

If ever there was a girl thankful for her second chance, Blossom is it!


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