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Our rescue of the pup that was dragged, turned into a two dog rescue. This little one was found starving to death in an abandoned building. I could not stand to see her suffering. She came home with us.  Meet Bonnie…and Clyde

Bonnie suffered from Sarcoptic Mange, including fever and general neglect and abuse.  She was a trooper in the tub, but made it clear that it was not her favorite time of the day. She enjoyed the grooming afterwards and usually cuddled up on my lap and fell asleep.   As I would sit there brushing her, it was so hard for me to fathom the suffering that her little body endured in the four short months that she had been alive. I cried. I cried for her and all of the animals struggling to survive on the streets, not just in Tijuana, but everywhere. I cried for homeless, the hungry and the abused. Something has to give, I know that we as the human race, can do better than this.

We had no idea what breed Bonnie is, other than adorable and rescued, and I guess that’s really all that matters.

Bonnie eventually found her forever home and we were thrilled!

But not long after, Bonnie went missing from her home, which was in a somewhat rural area.  Although we searched the area for weeks, put up flyers, and posted a reward, we did not find her. There is pain in not knowing what happened to Bonnie, but I try to remain hopeful for her. Regardless of wherever she’s at, or God forbid, if she is no longer with us, I pray that she knew that I loved her very much.


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