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Brave Heart

A dog named Brave Heart…

I was contacted about a dog located in Sonora, Mexico. After seeing the intake picture my initial thought was to have the poor dog put down. I’ve seen damage similar to this in pictures before and it’s been the result of firecrackers being placed in an animals mouth. Obviously the destruction is devastating and usually fatal. The Good Samaritan who found this dog immediately took him to the vet, believing he might be able to save him. I was on standby and prepared to help this sweet boy, but only if the vet could convince us that this damage could be fixed.

While one side of the bottom jaw was severely damaged, the vet felt there was enough remaining jaw for “Brave Heart” to be able to eat and drink. The damage to the nose and nasal cavity was cleared of necrotic tissue as well as sewn back together. Brave Heart was hospitalized for several days.

Saving Huey Foundation covered Brave Heart’s medical bills, not only in Mexico, but here in the U.S. as well. Brave Heart was eventually moved to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch where he underwent other surgeries.

Brave Heart’s story, his will to live and his forgiveness of humankind has made him a star, being featured on The Dodo, Unilad, and even a TV show – The Doctors!


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