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Meet sweet little Brigid!  Brigid had lived her life on an embedded chain and was terribly neglected. We had Brigid’s neck wound cared for and the vet chose to spay her at the same time, (which is not our normal practice).  She made her way to the Ranch and we thought all was well.  
The first day Brigid was with us, she was fine. The second day she started crying when I picked her up. By the third evening, I knew that something was wrong. Not only was Brigid not eating and painful to the touch, she was clearly running a fever. All Brigid wanted to do was lay beside me.

My hero of a husband took Brigid to the emergency vet for me. Within hours I knew what was wrong. Brigid had an abdominal wall hernia in her spay site. This condition required immediate surgery.  And there was no question about having it done.

Her recovery was nothing short of amazing.  Seeing these babies overcome their past and fight for their future is the most rewarding gift that I could receive. When days are hard, I look at the love that I am surrounded by and I can’t help but smile. Our cases are nothing short of miracles and I am damn proud of each of them.
Brigid may be one of the fastest cases that has healed here. This little girl is full of energy and just waiting for her forever home. I was told that her new rescue in Beverly Hills already has her pre-adopted!
Best wishes Brigid! You fought for your second chance and you got it!


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