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One day I received dozens of tags, all on the same animal. A 4-5 week old pig with a severe case of sarcoptic mange had been relinquished to a local shelter. Within the hour I was on my way to pick up this sweet baby, who my 23 year old daughter would later name Carl.

It was only 20 days later to see the tremendous recovery and it was hard to believe that the Carl I picked up from the shelter that day is the same Carl that I currently love and adore. Carl made amazing progress. He shed his dying coat of infectious mange and began to resemble a normal 8 week old piglet.
Carl and I bonded over medicated baths (every 3 days followed by coconut rub downs), sun time, introductions to new foods, and cuddle time. This Vietnamese Pot Bellied piglet once destined for euthanasia is alive and thriving at Huey’s Second Chance Ranch.

For now Carl remains my sweet Baboo, admittedly spoiled by goats milk, oatmeal, eggs, applesauce and pellets. His transformation into a normal piglet was an absolute pleasure to be part of.

He has a buddy, Norman, and the two have their own Ranch style homes, definitely living the life!


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