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Casper was found wandering the streets of Tijuana, starving and neglected.

Almost three hours of grooming (cutting out mats, shaving his fur, cleaning his ears and getting a medicated bath), and Casper started feeling better!

It took Casper months (perhaps a lifetime) to get in the condition he was in, yet only took me a few hours to find the warrior hiding underneath that mess.

With the best nutrition available, medications, weekly baths and lots of love, this boy showed how stunning he really was!

Casper came so far during his 7 weeks at Huey’s Second Chance Ranch. Gone were the ticks, parasites and matted hair. He was neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and…

He found his loving, forever home!



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Huey's Story

Read Huey's story to learn about Huey and how he inspired us to start the Saving Huey Foundation.

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