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Meet Champ.  He was relinquished at a vets office after the vet informed his owners that he would need additional tests to diagnose his condition.  His owners decided that 3 month old Champ should be euthanized, rather than seeking rescue or help with funds.  

I was contacted about Champ and sent a video showing Champ’s condition.  Champ was experiencing neurological issues, including not being able to stand and walk.  As hard as he tried, Champ just couldn’t put it all together.  Champ’s right eye was wandering and when he looked up, he lost his balance.

Champ was taken to the vet where blood work was done and his ammonia levels turned out to be dangerously high.  As a pup he should have been in the 80’s, and he tested at 453.  Champ was dealing with a liver shunt.  The doctor admitted Champ and he had surgery to correct this condition.

Champ had many supporters, but there was one very special one!  She donated many of her art pieces to help pay for Champ’s medical bills and then adopted him!  


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