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I was alerted to this poor little girl’s condition. As I understand, she had been seen in a field for a week or more. She was pure skin and bones and with winter quickly approaching, I knew she had no chance of survival. That said, what’s one more….

Clarice made her way to the Ranch along with Jewel and Kronos. Clarice was extremely emaciated, weighing in at just 4 pounds. She was so weak upon pick up, that she couldn’t even stand. She was absolutely freezing due to her malnutrition and was placed under a heat lap. All I knew at that time was that she had tested negative for Distemper. 

When I saw the pictures of Clarice, she immediately reminded me of Pogo for some reason. Having just lost Pogo a couple of days prior, I was hesitant to bring in another critical case. I had a long talk with my heart and we decided that in Pogo’s honor, we would accept Clarice into our lives. 

Upon intake I could see that Clarice was worse off than I thought.  Her gums were white and she could hardly stand.  She was hospitalized and we authorized IV’s, a blood transfusion and anything else she might have needed.  

This little girl deserved every chance possible. I promised her that I would move mountains if need be to get her through this. I wanted this girl to experience love and the beauty of a second chance.

 It took weeks for Clarice to allow me to even touch her, which wasn’t easy given that I had to syringe feed her. She almost died in my arms many times over the first few days she was with us. She was pure skin and bones and regulating her body temperature was a challenge. 

The first time Clarice allowed me to pet her was a huge moment for me. She still runs from my husband, but I think she will eventually learn that he’s a friend as well. I’m not sure if Clarice will ever be trusting enough for me to place her in her forever home.  If not, she’s welcome to stay with me at the Ranch. 

And then… just like that – I had a new best friend!

Clarice turned a huge corner and in doing so, I made a new best friend. This little princess FINALLY opened up to me and I haven’t stopped getting kisses since. 

There is absolutely no greater feeling in rescue than to finally break down the walls that an animal has built up. To see trust and love replace fear and doubt, knowing that you played some small part in that turn around, is the best gift I could ever ask for. I don’t really know how special needs rescue became my life, but in moments like this, I’m glad it did.


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