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We might need a stronger word than ADORABLE – Meet Clover!

Clover hitched a ride on Xena’s transport. I saw her and just knew she needed to come to the Ranch. How in the world does a 4 week old puppy end up in such horrid conditions? This sweetheart has only known pain in her short life.  She was scared, but an absolute sweetheart. She loves to sit on my lap while I tell her how pretty she is.

Unfortunately and even though she had passed several snap tests before traveling, Xena’s test from the ER vet here came back positive for distemper.  As Clover was her travel partner, they are both being isolated and treated for this horrible disease.  So far, the medications and boosters they are on are doing a great job keeping their Distemper in check.  

Clover is quite the little spitfire! Her bark is similar to nails on a chalkboard, but she’s so adorable that it makes it easy to tolerate.  She has almost shed all of her “barnacles”.  Her skin is now in its waxy stage, which means we should be seeing new hairs sprout shortly.  Although she is a “little” I think she sees herself as much bigger than she actually is.  She walks around with her head held high, kind of like she owns the place!  

Not only does Clover have an adorable overbite, she also has double dewclaws on her hind legs which usually occurs in very large breeds. Maybe her little body and spirit got mixed up on the production line!



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