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Imagine being tied up to a vehicle, and then dragged down the road. Now imagine lying bloodied in the street, crying out in pain, and having boiling water poured on you because you are making too much noise….

This is reality. This is life on the streets of Tijuana. This is the fate that thousands upon thousands of animals face every day in a country without laws to protect them.

We rescued Clyde and our hearts were broken as we saw the results of the abuse he suffered.  He could not make eye contact and shook as we attempted to clean his wounds. He jumped at the slightest noise and kept his head down in hopes of being overlooked.  

He received the best vet care possible and eventually, with love and patience, he came out of his shell.  He was adopted by a wonderful family, who give him all the love he deserves.


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Huey's Story

Read Huey's story to learn about Huey and how he inspired us to start the Saving Huey Foundation.

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