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We just got home from the emergency vet.

“Corduroy” has been admitted to the animal hospital. He is receiving much needed fluids, pain medication and antibiotics. The vet will work on stabilizing Corduroy over night in hopes that he will be strong enough for surgery tomorrow (later today). If the vet does not feel that he is strong enough, the surgery will be postponed until Tuesday. We are also awaiting blood work results to make sure there are no underlying issues that need to be dealt with. The vet believes that Corduroy is under a year old. Just imagine what his life has been like.

From what I am told, Corduroy was attacked by his owners bigger dogs. As a result of the attack, Corduroy sustained a major injury to his front leg. The owner did not seek help, and left him to suffer for two weeks by which time life threatening infection had set in. I have seen these infections kill dogs (Bolt suffered a similar injury, and succumbed to his infection), they cannot be ignored.

I am attaching the estimate to stabilize Corduroy (low estimate is $1800, high is $2000. This estimate DOES NOT include surgery, this is only for initial treatment. If Corduroy is strong enough for surgery we will be facing another bill.

Every time I take a case like this and see the estimates come in, I wonder how in the world we are going to pull this off. I know that the SHF army has worked miracles before, so here I am again, asking you to help me save a precious life.

If you are able to make a donation to Corduroy’s care, we would greatly appreciate it. SHF is a non profit, 501(c)(3), which makes your donations tax deductible (our EIN is 47-5459684). SHF has no employees. I do all work myself and do not take a salary. Vet bills and receipts are always posted and accessible if requested.


Your generous donations help us continue to change animals and people’s lives for the better.

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