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From what we were told, Corduroy was attacked by his owners’ bigger dogs.  As a result of the attack, Corduroy sustained a major injury to his front leg.  The owner did not seek help, and left him to suffer for two weeks by which time life threatening infection had set in.  I have seen these infections kill dogs.  

We are so thankful that so many people helped in securing Corduroy, getting him immediate vet attention and getting him transported to us from Mexico.  

Corduroy was admitted to the animal hospital here and received much needed fluids, pain medication and antibiotics. The vet worked on stabilizing Corduroy until he was strong enough for surgery.  The vet believed that Corduroy was under a year old. Just imagine what his life had been like.

Corduroy had a blood transfusion and then amputation of the injured leg.  After several days at the hospital, he came home with us to recover.

Corduroy found a wonderful foster and eventually a wonderful home!  From a horrifically injured neglect case to living the life of luxury, we could  not be happier for Corduroy!



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