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Crow was attacked by numerous dogs and then left without help. We have no idea how long he had suffered, but we found a large amount of fly larvae in his ears. His neck was torn and was definitely the most concerning area. He had bite wounds all over his body, and he was filled with infection. 

We had Crow picked up and taken to the vet where he was in extremely guarded condition, so much so that he was not expected to make it through the night.  But he proved that he was a fighter and began to show signs of improvement.  

We made sure Crow had everything he needed while we waited for test results, including nice bedding!  He began to eat some, his blood work wasn’t too alarming and he continued to fight.

Crow ended up having to have his ear amputated as the damage from the attack was too severe. Infection had set in, and it didn’t take me long to decide that losing an ear beats losing a life any day. 

Crow had over 200 bite marks covering his body. I was in disbelief, but the vet assured me that I had heard him right. His body was riddled with infection, however he responded well to the antibiotic and pain medications.  Crow’s appetite continued to improve. 

Crow is doing fantastic post ear amputation. He is in a foster home, enjoying having a family to love and care for him. He’s getting along wonderfully with his fur siblings. 

SHF was Crow’s medical rescue, which means that Crow still needs a rescue to see him through adoption. If you can offer him rescue, or even better, a forever home, please email me at 

*Crow is currently located in Tijuana, MX, however he can be easily transported across the border now. 



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