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We received a call very early in the morning about this poor injured pup. My amazing friends Yuya and Julio went out at 2:00 a.m. to find this little angel. We don’t know what happened to this little girl. The person who recorded the video and posted said that she was possibly hit with a machete. Regardless, “Dahlia” was in very guarded condition with our vet in Mexico (who opened her clinic at 3:00 a.m. to receive Dahlia).

She was extremely anemic, so much so that they could not run a blood panel. Dahlia had injuries to both front legs as well as one of her back legs. While the original post asking for help said that she had been attacked with a machete, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she was hit by a car, as her front paw was pretty much degloved.

X-rays showed no broken bones, so we ruled out that she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, I guess the machete claim is true.

Dahlia is being a good girl and allowing the vets to work on her. She is on pain medication as well as antibiotics. She was able to have her blood work done and unfortunately she tested positive for both Giardia and Canine Corona Virus Disease. Additionally she tested positive for TVT. This means that Dahlia will have to stay in Mexico longer than I had hoped while she overcomes these conditions and has chemotherapy. She will remain hospitalized, on fluids and pain meds.

Dahlia is scared, but she’s making progress every day. She has more than likely been a street dog all of her life, so I’m quite certain she is confused by everything that is going on. But hopefully she will be cancer-free with 6 weeks of chemo and can finally travel to the Ranch to complete her healing including skin drafts for her legs. And of course, we will finally be able to shower her with love!


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