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Delilah and Dudley

I was told that Delilah had been hit by a car. I, nor the vet, saw any physical evidence of that being the case. She did struggle to walk, but we believed her struggle was based on her bloated/pregnant belly.

 She was such a small pup, weighing in at 4 pounds, even while extremely pregnant. Her stomach was full of dirt and soil filled poop. It appeared as if this girl has been existing on whatever scraps she could find, the majority of her intake being dirt.

Delilah’s X-rays showed 2, possibly 3 puppies. Unfortunately the puppies were not as developed as they should have been.  Given Delilah’s malnourished state, the vet felt that the puppies did not have enough nourishment to survive. We waited a few days but were prepared to surgically remove them if needed for Delilah’s health.  

However, one puppy did grow and it became clear that due to it’s size, C-section would be necessary and prematurely.  We proceeded, after careful consideration and knowing the risk to the puppy. We wanted more than anything to see her and her puppy healthy, but if we could only ensure one life, we chose Delilah.

However, the surgery was successful and even with odds against him, Dudley made it!  

A perfect, forever home was found for Dudley and Delilah in Washington.  They were such a joy to have but I am so happy that they were adopted together!




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