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Meet Eleanor….

This two month old cutie was found wandering the streets with an awful case of sarcoptic mange. She was picked up and taken to the vet for treatment. She was underweight and had parasites, but upon arriving at the Ranch, her healing began.  

Little Miss Eleanor was dewormed, received Bravecto and Cephalexin for her skin infection.  She spent some time in our isolation room due to the contagious mange.  I often wonder how something so young (she was estimated to be around 10 weeks old), can find herself in such horrible shape, not to mention all alone.

Princess Eleanor is changing every day.  This girl has gone from mangy and missing chunks of hair, to having a beautiful silver coat.

Eleanor is still a puppy and has a lot of energy. She is as sweet as they come, extremely curious and very smart. She is getting along well with both the big and small pack members. I anticipate her making a wonderful addition to the right family.



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