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I was contacted about a kitten who had her back legs taped and couldn’t walk. I had no idea what had happened to her, but I couldn’t allow her to be put back out of the streets. We picked her up and she purred all of the way home.
As I began to take the tape off of Eliza’s legs, she started to cry, indicating that she had feeling. I diapered her up and watched her legs splay out into a “V” shape. The first night Eliza was here, she had horrible diarrhea and I went to bed believing that Eliza’s future didn’t look very good.
The next morning my husband went into her room and told me that she was trying to walk. Sure enough, Eliza is doing her best to move around. She has also been making solid poops now.
So now I sit here scratching my head….did Eliza suffer some kind of leg injury and someone put masking tape on them, thinking that it may help? Or did someone tape Eliza’s legs, thinking they were being funny. Eliza can’t be more than 6 weeks old. The tape has done damage to the muscle in her legs and as a result, her feet bend underneath her.
Xrays were done and she doesn’t have any fractures.  She is using her left rear leg very well and although her right foot continues to turn under, she is able to walk around.  Having had her legs wrapped in tape has left her a bit wobbly, but I’m seeing improvement every day!
Update – Eliza has found her forever home!


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