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We were honored and excited to welcome Guerrero (Spanish for “Warrior”) and Esperanza (Spanish for “Hope”) to the Saving Huey Foundation family!

Esperanza was found near the same area that Guerrero was found. She had dug herself a hole and was ready to die. Other than the fact that she was obviously starving, not too much was known about her. Like Guerrero, her eyes broke my heart, it’s as if both were pleading for something better or an end to their misery.

Esperanza, “Espy” had infected sores on her body, numerous parasites, and was so severely malnourished that she couldn’t walk on her own.

Espy began a 3 month journey that would see her transform from a girl scared of everything, into the beautiful, brave girl that she is today.

Espy’s journey took her to Oregon. Espy joined the pack at Woods Creek Pit Bull Rescue.

One of the biggest obstacles I face with special needs rescue (all rescues can relate I’m sure), is finding my animals a home that is “perfect”. To be fair to Espy, I enlisted the help of Woods Creek, to act as a third party in finding her a perfect home. Woods Creek has room for Espy to run and play, something that is very limited here in a housing development in Southern California.

I miss Espy but remember her always. She is a true fighter, full of courage and grace. I know her forever family is out there somewhere, and I know they will see her for the treasure she is. Espy, like the many before her, took a piece of my heart when she left, but in its place, she left me a beautiful memory.

Best wishes my princess, the pleasure was mine.



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