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Meet Flora
This little pup was caught in a fire that was intentionally set. She was on a chain, so she had no chance of escape until a hero came along and grabbed her. I had very little info and no idea of the severity of the her burns, just that she was a female and only a pup.

My amazing friends, Yuya and Yuyito drove this baby out to meet me and we took her directly to California Vet Specialists, where she was treated for several days.

Once little Flora got to come home from the hospital we discovered that she is all kinds of touch tucked inside her tiny body She was treated for an upper respiratory infection, treated for her burns and for her double eye infection. She was on a total of 6 meds and took them all like a champ. Despite all that this poor little thing has been through, she is just as cuddly as can be.

All of Flora’s burns have now presented themselves, which means that now comes the itchy part. But Flora is doing amazing and is such a little diva. She has no problem letting us know when she is unhappy, hungry or lonely. This little girl would sit in my lap for hours if I would let her. All four pounds of her are complete fierceness.

Once we get Flora completely healed, we will begin the search for her perfect home.


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