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Ms. Foxy is absolutely stunning!

Foxy spent her first couple months of life in a cold lonely shelter, isolated from the other animals because she was infested with contagious mites (sarcoptic mange). She was in danger of being euthanized as sarcoptic mange is so contagious.  Foxy sat day after day, waiting for her second chance. I saw this little girl and instantly knew I had to make her a SHF baby.

Foxy was a pleasure to work with, even during her numerous medicated baths and medications. She was loving and thankful from day one.

One of my (and Scoot’s) dearest friends adopted Foxy from SHF, and has loved and spoiled her from day one. What Foxy needs, Foxy gets. Foxy is living the life that every dog deserves, surrounded by not only family, but love.


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