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“Freya” (yes, I’ve used this name like a 100 times, but I really love it), had a severely broken jaw. We believe the jaw was broken for quite some time. Due to the severity and age of the injury and the need for her to see a specialist, as well as a growth on her spine, Freya was brought to the Ranch as quickly as possible. 

Freya did well with her first surgery!  She had 12 damaged teeth removed and the specialist chose to use Labial Button Technique, which is an innovative procedure often used for cats and small dogs with multiple mandibular fractures.  That means that she had sutures inside of her mouth that tie from the buttons on top of her nose, down into the button at the bottom of her jaw.  

Once her jaw is healed, we will address the growth on her spine.  

Freya was doing so well – eating like a champ (pureed foods) while her tail wagged constantly but even with her cone on, Freya managed to lose all three buttons. Back to the specialists we went…

Her specialist felt her surgery went well, however her mouth still does not close. Unfortunately, Freya needed to have another corrective surgery, so her buttons are back in. She is taking it like a champ and is just as sweet as ever!  

We are confident that Freya will overcome her jaw injury and heal comfortably – and then once sterilized she will be ready for her forever home! 



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