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I was sent these pictures of this starving and naked little one in the makeshift shelter that a Good Samaritan created for him/her. As if these pictures aren’t enough to break your heart, cold weather and rain were coming and we didn’t think this baby would survive. 

There was no way that I could allow this precious soul to starve or freeze to death. Our amazing team of animal lovers are picked this baby up and took him straight to the vet. 

It’s a Boy!! 

Once “Giles” arrived at our vet in Tijuana, we discovered he was a boy!  

“Giles” is much smaller than I gathered through his photos. He got a check up, was tested for Parvo/Distemper, had a blood panel done and finally get a skin scrape so that we would know just what time of mange he was dealing with.  

Giles remained hospitalized in Tijuana for a while. His skin scrape came back negative for mange, so the vets suspected his condition came from lack of and poor nutrition. 

But the day finally came and Giles travelled to the Ranch, where he is now completing his healing and is so very loving!


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