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“Gizmo” (aka Kobe) was very weak when he made it to the Ranch.

Gizmo was estimated to be around 4 years old, which is pretty darn old for a Tijuana street dog. His poor little body was battered with battle scars of the life he’s known. He was skin and bones, with a pressure sore on the right side of his hip, caused by his emaciated state. Gizmo was missing the majority of this hair, a result of the constant itching that the unwelcome mites on his body have caused.

Gizmo was placed on a high calorie diet, with small meals throughout the day. He was on medications to help with his skin condition (Sarcoptic mange), Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia, Coccidia and Giardia. 

Unsurprisingly, Gizmo wanted nothing to do with me as obviously humans have never shown him that he’s worthy of their concern. I was able to give him medicated baths, trim his nails, clean his ears and tend to his physical injuries. He was not a fan of mine, but baby steps and time will lead the way.

It’s only been a few months but Gizmo has come around!  He is taking his sweet time healing but I blame it on him enjoying being at the Ranch. He’s now a lap sitter and has quite a playful personality. Hopefully we can get this little guy better soon so that we can place him in his forever home.


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