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I was notified of a small pup on the streets of Tijuana. This little pup couldn’t walk and had a severely bloated stomach. I still remember seeing her for the first time; she was so tiny, yet her stomach was so big. She couldn’t walk and instead pulled herself everywhere. She was missing two claws, a result of pulling herself around.

X-rays showed no breaks in her rear legs, but rather bone deformity due to lack of nutrition. Gracie was 1 pound, the size of a 4-5 week old puppy, yet the vet estimated her age (based on her teeth) to be between 3-4 months. Gracie was also diagnosed with Demodex mange.

Two weeks after Gracie came to us, she doubled her weight and was learning to walk properly. She was coming out of her shell and entertained us with her curiosity. She had medicated baths and had grown to love her coconut oil rubs.  Within a month of coming to us, her coat started growing back a beautiful tri-color and she walked and ran so well that visitors couldn’t believe her story of being unable to walk just a few weeks prior. 

I share Gracie’s story and others like hers, to bring awareness to the resilient fighting spirit that these animals possess. So much of what we do is a direct result of the fight left in the animal. We don’t brag, as we have nothing to brag about. We simply provide nutritional food, shelter, love and medication; the animals do all of the rest. Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us and fight for us, especially when we forget that we are worth fighting for.

Gracie left us for her new life in Massachusetts with a wonderful family that had adopted from me before. To sweeten the situation, she went to live with Milo, the little Terrier pup that was born without eyes, who we had the pleasure of rescuing about a year before.  I have no doubt that Gracie’s new family offered her all of the love that she deserves.

Best wishes Gracie; the pleasure was mine.


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