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We were honored and excited to welcome Guerrero (Spanish for “Warrior”) and Esperanza (Spanish for “Hope”) to the Saving Huey Foundation family! They came to us from Tijuana.

Guerrero was beaten (as witnessed by his rescuer) numerous times, so severely that he is missing the majority of his front teeth. His abuse was so devastating that it has left him blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other.

Guerrero had medical care, and was in a wonderful foster home, and enjoyed the love that every creature born into this world deserves.

Guerrero came from Mexico and that upset some people. Some say that I should only be helping dogs from the United States, as there are plenty in need. I’ll say this…I would help Guerrero (or any dog in his condition), whether he was in Mexico, China or on the moon, and if that bothers anyone than I would suggest taking a long hard look into your own heart.

Unfortunately, Guerrero (aka Gus) developed cancer which spread quickly.  I promised him that I would not be selfish when that day came. He returned to us where he lived out his remaining time.





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