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Harry lived his life tied to the undercarriage of a car, on a very short chain. Did the owner forget that the dog was under there, or did the owner just not care? Regardless, the poor dog was dragged a good distance before the owner finally stopped at the yelling of fellow drivers. Once he stopped, he scooped the dog up, shoved it in the backseat of his car and took off. Police were called but never responded.
Some of the amazing rescuers in Mexico that I have the privilege of working with (Griss and Diana) tracked this man down and literally removed the dog from him. Two more dogs were found at the scene and the always awesome Hope Ranch (Kathy), was their rescue.  Harry was taken and hospitalized at a vet in Mexico, until he was stable enough to travel.  Luckily there were no fractures or internal damage.  He had his paws medicated and wrapped 3-4 times a day.  
Once he finally arrived at the Ranch he began to heal, both physically and mentally.  Within a few short weeks, Harry was doing absolutely amazing. He got along with the other dogs and was as friendly as can be. I just cannot begin to understand what he could have possibly done to be treated so poorly during his short life.
It wasn’t long before Harry was seen as the true gem he is and was adopted and is living the LIFE!  He truly is a rags to riches story! 


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