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The Diaper Gang is Growing 

We welcomed this little nugget to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch.

“Harvey” was found as a stray and taken to from East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, CA. This little guy was estimated to be around 2.5 years old and is approximately 5-6 pounds. Harvey has rear leg lameness, but can support himself perfectly with his front legs. With that said, I knew this little guy would fit right in. 

Harvey went to the vet and received a full checkup.  Now at the Ranch we have started working on the raw spots on Harvey’s legs  and have begun the process of getting this guy to a healthy weight. 

Kringle and Harvey seem to be bonding well. Harvey had only been here a day before Kringle arrived and unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the Diaper Gang were being their stuck up selves to him. Harvey was clearly feeling a bit left out, so when Kringle came, Harvey perked up. Both are in my room, as Kringle’s little immune system needs a lot of work, so he’s not allowed with the pack yet. 

And so the healing continues…


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