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Hekate and her Babies

Hekate was found on the street in a horrible condition. We picked her up and took her straight to our vet. Obviously her eye needed to come out immediately. Hekate was also not walking or eating, however nothing appeared broken.  

Hekate was rushed here to the Ranch not only because of her bulging eye, but because she was very pregnant. Puppies born in Mexico are required to stay there for at least a couple of months. We wanted her to have her babies here in a clean home, rather than the dirty streets where the babies would literally stand no chance of survival. 

Hekate was a bit of troubled guest, having bitten Shane, myself and the vet staff numerous times. We chalked it up to pain and being scared to death. I knew she would come around – I saw a beautiful princess in there and waited patiently for her to show herself. 

Hekate celebrated the 4th of July, by delivering three beautiful babies!  Momma and babies are doing great, although initially Hekate would not allow me to even look at them without growling at me. I gave her all the space she needed.  

Hekate is very protective of her babies one minute and the next minute she’s carrying them out of her bed so that she can have it all to herself! 

Eventually, she allowed us to pet her, which is definitely a step in the right direction.  Hopefully she will trust us one day soon with her babies too. 



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