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Imagine being in this condition and living on the streets. That is just what Herman had been doing. 

My friend Luis picked Herman up and took him to our vet in Mexico. Herman’s front leg is beyond repair and will need to be amputated once I can get him healthy. He was suffering from Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis and a nasty case of Demodex mange. 

If there was any good news in Herman’s story, it’s that his health issues did not keep him from coming to the Ranch immediately. 

Sweet Hermie (Herman) is coming along well. I am working at his pace as there’s never a reason to rush a dogs emotional healing. Hermie started to slowly let me pet him and after 10 days at the Ranch, he began to turn into a new dog!  I see progress in him everyday and am so proud of his fighting spirit.  

He does limp due to that broken front leg, but once his skin issue is cleared up, the tick borne illnesses are gone and we get some weight on him, we will have the leg removed (the break is old and the bone has healed backwards; both vets have agreed that there’s no saving it). 

Hermie is eating like a champ. He’s on a mixture of puppy food, as it’s high in protein, as well as kibble for once he is ready to transition to adult food. He has been dewormed, he’s receiving medicated baths, and is on Doxycycline. 

If he continues to heal at such a rapid pace, I expect him to have surgery on his leg within the next 6 weeks or so.  

Fighting the good fight!!!!



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