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Ivar was dumped in a hell-hole in Mexico, a known dumping ground for unwanted souls.  We had him picked up and taken to the vet hospital.  It seemed as it might be too late as he was so thin and unresponsive.  But he was alive.

He was offered food carefully as any overfeeding could kill him.  He was given a plasma transfusion in hopes of “jump starting” his body.  His body temperature was too low for any bathing but Alma and the staff at Pet Home did a wonderful job removing as many fleas and ticks as they could find.  

The first month of his care was so touch and go at times.  His body was so dangerously anemic and required several blood transfusions.  His loving caregivers and nurses made him homemade chicken soup and kept careful watch on him.

It was then discovered that he was having trouble standing.  He had such severe diarrhea and passed huge parasites, the cause of him not being able to stand was not clear.  

It was originally thought that he had a broken femur, which was certainly better news than something internal causing his issues.  A broken bone can be fixed!

Ivar was finally set to travel to the Ranch!  Because Ivar and his nurse Sylvia had grown so close over this time, I offered to let Sylvia adopt Ivar, but she already has 8 dogs. I knew that the separation would be very hard on both of them. But I was ready to step in where Sylvia left off, I just hoped that Ivar would see me as a close second. 

Ivar did very good at the vet and it was determined that his femur wasn’t fractured as we were told, rather his pelvis was. His body had begun to heal itself, so he doctor wanted us to give Ivar a few weeks to see if he could heal himself. If not, then we would proceed with surgery. 

Ivar continued to put on weight safely and started growing new hair  He had medicated baths and skin treatment.  He greeted us with tail wags when we went into his room and he even offered kisses. He was so patient with Emerald (his roommate) and for that, he deserves a medal! 

Ivar has the cutest and most innocent eyes that I have ever seen. He is pure love and gratitude. Ivar became quite attached to Shane and I. He liked to walk in between our legs, I think he felt safe there. 

Ivar has now been neutered and is looking forward to meeting his forever family. I have it narrowed down to 3 families, all of which are wonderful, so I know that Ivar will be in good hands. I can’t believe our time together is coming to an end, however Ivar deserves to have his own family to love on him. 




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