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Jasmine suffered from VKH, a form of auto-immune disease, that if treated at the beginning stages, can be maintained with medication and a dog can go on to live somewhat of a normal life.  Unfortunately, that is not what happened with Jasmine.

The VKH killed Jasmine’s pigmentation, making the sun a severe threat to her condition.  Her eyes were literally destroyed and her eyesight taken from her.  The VKH also presented itself on numerous spots on her body, a reminder that it appeared to be a losing battle.

Jasmine was seen by a vet to determine if she was a candidate to have her eyes removed.  While there for 2+ hours, and being an absolute princess, she also donated two vials of blood to UC Davis for further VKH research.

Unfortunately a teleconference with Jasmine’s vet and the professor at UC Davis determined that they believed the removal of her eyes may take away the irritation, but nothing would take away the VKH. They both agreed that Jasmine would not get better.

Because Jasmine did not act like she was in pain and seemed to be thoroughly happy, we proceeded with her eye removal and were fully committed to giving her whatever chance she would allow us to give her, for as long as she was willing to fight.




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