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Jewel was found laying on a filthy old bed, ready to give birth. It looked to me as if she was in active labor and is struggling. How many people must have passed her and turned a blind eye? 

This sweet angel was immediately picked up off of the street and taken to the hospital. 

Clearly, Jewel was in horrible shape. I didn’t hold out much hope for her babies, but I did worry  about her struggling during birth. 

It was confirmed that Jewel was not pregnant. However, the vet felt like Jewel probably gave birth 24 hours before being rescued. We sent people out to search for puppies, but none were found.  The woman who had been feeding Jewel says that Jewel never moved from that spot and she never saw any puppies. I can’t help but wonder if Jewel’s babies weren’t stillborn and she took care of them herself. This thought puts a lump in my throat and a pain in my heart for poor Jewel. 

Jewel’s blood work came back showing she had severe anemia, not at all a surprise given her condition. She also suffered from Ehrlichia and Anaplasmisis and had a nasty case of mange.

She did so well and was able to leave the hospital and lived in a foster home until we could safely take her in (once distemper had cleared the Ranch).  And we were thrilled when we were finally able to welcome her to the Ranch!  She got to finally meet Kronos up close as they had been kennel mates while at the hospital!  

And…from mangy to magnificent! 

This girl has come so far since her rescue. Jewel still has an elevated white blood cell count, but given the condition of her skin, I am not surprised. While the WBC is elevated, it isn’t alarming. All of the mites are gone and her hair is growing in beautifully. 

Jewel goes non stop. She is the most active dog we have had in a long time. Her best friend has become Hermie and the two of these sweethearts spend their days running laps outside and cuddling inside. Both Hermie and Jewel are young, but spent their puppyhood on the streets of Mexico, just trying to survive. It brings tears to my eyes and puts a lump in my throat to watch them play so carefree now. 

As I have mentioned before, Jewel is only about a year old. How such a young soul can get in such a horrific condition, just baffles my mind. Unfortunately Jewel’s initial condition isn’t at all a rarity in Mexico, which is why I am so drawn to helping the animals there. 



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