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Meet Juniper…

Juniper was left behind when his piece of crap owners moved.  This poor dog was skin and bones. I was told he also had a nasty injury to his jaw. That was putting it mildly.

Juniper was seen by our dental specialist and the doctor concluded that he needed emergency surgery. Pre-surgical blood work was conducted and it was determined that Juniper’s body was not strong enough to handle surgery at that time due to the severity of his wound and he was scheduled for surgery the following week. This delay was not be life threatening and allowed me some extra time to get more nutrition in him. In total, Juniper will need 3 surgeries with estimates for the first two surgeries totalling anywhere from $4500 to $6709.

The vets were able to clean up his jaw while waiting for him to stabilize for surgery.

We were able to get him to the Ranch and he had one of many surgeries where 17 teeth were pulled!  He didn’t seem bothered one bit as he ate his dinner later that night.  I can only imagine how much better he must feel having those decaying and broken teeth out.  He’s having another surgery very soon to address his exposed jaw line.  We are hopeful this will be the last surgery needed!

Juniper is coming along beautifully! He continues to put on weight at a safe rate. His mouth no longer smells of infection, with the brown and green gum giving way to a healthy pink. 

After Juniper’s mouth is fully healed, he will need a Caudectomy (tail amputation) and will then be neutered. After he is completely healed, Juniper will be ready for his forever home. 

Someone is going to be blessed by Juniper. He is incredibly sweet, affectionate and patient. He loves all dogs and wakes up thankful for each day. This guys has completely stolen my heart with his kind and gentle spirit.



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