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Meet Kane….only 3 months old…

Kane was found with an horrific injury to his leg/hip area. He was left in this condition for days before help was sought for him. As you can see from the pictures, Kane’s bone was exposed. What you can’t see are the maggots that have been feasting on Kane’s wound.

Of course I had Kane picked up and rushed to the hospital. His prognosis wasn’t good, as he had lost a lot of blood, so much so that he needed a blood transfusion.

Once Kane received the blood transfusion and was stabilized, his leg was removed. I hate that he had to have the amputation when he was so weak, but the doctor knew removing the infected injured leg was the only chance that Kane had to survive.

During the initial recovery, Kane refused food and was lethargic. I was told that he probably wouldn’t make it. Infection had spread through his little body, and the fear was that he was in shock and going septic. I paid the vet to stay overnight with Kane to monitor him, and to be there with Kane in case he passed. But he made it through the night.

But he again took a turn for the worse and it was thought he was still fighting sepsis.  He needed another blood transfusion, but finding a donor and time were his enemies, so the hospital released him and my husband brought him across the border to our emergency vet. Kane is a fighter and he pulled through but the bad news is that our surgeon evaluated Kane  for his upcoming FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery and his findings weren’t great. The surgeon believes that Kane’s remaining leg is defected. He isn’t sure if the remaining leg will be strong enough to support Kane, even after surgery.  So a decision needed to be made. Do I have Kane’s remaining leg amputated now or roll the dice and pay the $3500-$4500 estimate to have the FHO surgery done. Although I’m not much of a gambler, I found this choice very easy to make. While our paralyzed cases do very well for themselves, had I had the choice to give them the use of one leg, I absolutely would have.

Kane’s FHO surgery was a success. He needs to heal from this surgery and will then need his knee worked on. This poor little boy was literally in pieces and slowly all of the salvageable pieces are being put back together.

I have to say that through it all, Kane has been an absolute rock star. He has fought back from the brink of death, dealt with unimaginable pain for weeks, has had three surgeries and he is only 12 weeks old! There’s no keeping this guy down!

I must update that although Kane fought so very hard to overcome all of his injuries and neglect, he passed away from another long and hard fight with Distemper.  This monster disease was brought to the Ranch with a new case, who was transported with obvious symptoms by another Foundation.

RIP Kane – we loved you and you will always be in our hearts.



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