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Meet Kanga.  Starving on the streets of Tijuana, all of 5 pounds with two broken front legs, this little lady refused to give up. Her indomitable spirit captured my heart, and I knew I had to help her.

When I dropped Kanga off at the vet for her scheduled amputation of one leg, I left with mixed feelings as it was suggested that Kanga be put down. I understood that she was losing a leg and I knew that she could possibly lose both front legs if the specialist discovered that there was nerve damage/loss in her leg. I knew that she had tick disease and I knew that she was extremely emaciated. I knew we were fighting an uphill battle and I knew that money doesn’t grow on trees.

I also knew that Kanga was a fighter, I could see it, I could sense it, and I could feel it. I knew that she might succumb to her injuries and I knew that we might go through the amputation and surgery and she might end up no better off than she was. I also knew that there are some dogs living a good life while missing their front legs. Of course it wasn’t an ideal situation, but when life gives you lemons….

One leg amputation, a rebuilt front leg, and almost $8,000 in medical bills later, Kanga found her happily ever after at her forever home in the state of Washington.

Even through the doubt and worry of where the vetting money would come from, helping Kanga was worth every minute and every dollar spent. She was an absolute sweetheart from day one, and is truly missed.

My heart breaks each time I say goodbye. I beat myself up emotionally for days, but in my heart I know that Kanga, along with the others have a long, happy life ahead of them, and that makes it all worth it.



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