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Meet Katana….

This adorable 5 week old baby was born with deformed back legs. Katana saw our vet and while there is nothing that can be done to fix her legs, all parties agreed that she is not in any pain and her quality of life is just as good as any other cat.

Katana gets around quite well and doesn’t let her disability stop her. She is quite a terror and the other cats aren’t sure what to think of her! Her favorite pastime is trying to catch her little legs, while sitting in unladylike positions. At nighttime this little lady turns into a huge love bug and cuddles with me, while using Otis’s rear as a pillow. 

Little Katana is just the cutest little package. As she’s grown we’ve become aware that she is all but blind. Her legs are getting worse and the vets (primary vet and orthopedic specialist) have said there’s nothing that can be done for her. As long as she’s eating, happy and pain free, she’ll always have a place here at the Ranch. 



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