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I received a disturbing message about this dog. I was told that he’d been burned and cut with scissors.  “Kringle” was picked up and was taken to the vet in Mexico.

He’s only a puppy, yet has suffered unimaginable horrors. Kringle is no more than 6 weeks old. In his short life he has been to hell and back. Kringle has been severely burned and his ears have been nearly cut off. Kringle had fly larvae in his ears, which indicates this atrocity didn’t just happen. Kringle was so dehydrated that the vet couldn’t find a vein to start an iv, rather he received warm SubQ fluids via catheter. He had severe septicemia (blood poisoning) and was extremely weak. Kringle was and is extremely critical and needs a miracle. 

He fought through the first night. The majority of his ears needed to be amputated in an effort to stop the infection from further spreading. He was on antibiotics as well as a pain medication similar to Morphine (Kringle was in Mexico, so I don’t always get or understand all of the names of the medications). 

Kringle was kept on a thermal mattress to help regulate his body temperature. His burns were treated with ointment and his bandages were changed throughout the day.

Although still considered very critical, he was given the OK and Kringle was transported to us at the border and we went directly to California Vet Specialists. 

If at all possible, Kringle looked worse in person than he did in his pictures. He was making little crying sounds on the way to the vet hospital and I nearly broke down. His little body smelled of burns, blood and infection. His ears are gone, just open holes where ears should be.  

The first night at CVS Kringle needed a blood transfusion stat. But Kringle’s veins had all collapsed and so after much consideration he received an Intraosseous (IO) infusion, a much rarer form where the needle transfusing the blood is placed directly into the bone.  Kringle did well with the procedure and being under sedation.  

A few days later Kringle went into cardiac and respiratory arrest but the vet was able to revive him within minutes.  There is a concern for neurological damage, but if there is any and it doesn’t cause him any pain or discomfort, I could care less.  He will be welcomed to the Ranch with open arms.

His current battle is his skin is sloughing off at touch due to the 3rd and 4th degree burns over 45% of his body.  He requires many debridement procedures, all done under anesthesia.  Debridement is removing the damaged/dead skin so new transplants can be placed where the new skin needs to grow.  As there isn’t much non damaged skin on his body, the vets plan to use fish skin where it is needed.  The transplant is tentatively scheduled for 1/11/21.  

This is a story of a warrior who has fought to live for nearly half of his life. This is the story of a veterinary staff that has spent hours upon hours doing everything in their power to save Kringle, including spending hours of their own time researching how to best treat our boy. This is a story of an Army of animal lovers coming together and donating every dollar they have, even during the Christmas season, to help pay for Kringle’s medical care. This is the story of a company called Kerecis, donating the fish skin samples that will be used to help facilitate skin growth over Kringle’s tiny body. THIS my friends, is the story of a 6 week old pup with the heart of a lion, named Kringle. 



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